COVID-19: Our Response

A message from our Founder & Executive Director

COVID-19 MasksWhen I went through breast cancer from 2010-2011, I recognized the affect chemotherapy had on my immune system. It was so important to stay healthy, as a minor cold or strep throat could land a chemo patient in the hospital. I often wore a mask out in public just to do all I could to stay well. With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic, it's more important than ever to safeguard yourself, especially if you fall into the vulnerable/high-risk category. This includes if you are currently going through breast cancer and/or chemotherapy, or you are a caretaker to someone going through breast cancer and/or chemotherapy. Please be sure to talk to your doctor about what the best course of action is for you and your caretakers to protect yourself during this challenging time. And as the news media has said, practice good hygiene washing your hands and/or using hand sanitizer, stay home/stay safe, wear cloth face coverings over your nose and mouth when in public, and to do your part to help do our part to stamp out this virus as quick as possible.

The pandemic is adversely impacting everyone, including nonprofits, such as our organization. However, breast cancer hasn't stopped, so neither have we. We are dedicated now more than ever to STICK IT! to breast cancer. We have taken massive steps to alter our way of business to have "virtual" fundraisers/events (see Events) and volunteerism, and we continue our always virtual board and committee meetings. If you are not experiencing a financial hardship, please consider supporting the cause by signing up for a recurring donation through our "Beat & Repeat" program, to help us stand strong in the fight against breast cancer.

To you all - our our survivors, volunteers, friends and supporters - as always, thank you, and please stay well, my friends. Sending love and prayers to all as we power through!

April Samuels
Founder & Executive Director
Breast Cancer Can Stick It!

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